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LLExec is the ready-to-use binary version of our PLC runtime, it can be easily ported without further work on specific processors and operative systems and it has been developed to support a wide range of features.

Supported Microprocessors

  • Intel X86
  • ARM family

Supported Environment

  • Linux
  • Linux + Xenomai
  • Windows
  • QNX
  • RTX
  • VxWorks

Supported Features

  • Generation of immediately executable code upon compiling
  • Hot swap download: allowing you to download the new application without halting the current execution
  • Floating point support: for optimized floating point operations
  • Extended string support: for optimized string operations
  • Extended math support: for optimized math operations
  • Relocatable code: for optimized memory usage
  • Source code download and upload: allowing you to download the project source code on the target and to retrieve it in a second moment
  • Can use SoftScope trace tool
  • On-line debug: advanced debug instrument which allow you to see current symbols value directly inside the editor
  • Triggers and graphic triggers debugging instruments
  • Breakpoints and step debug
  • Synchronous I/O forcing
  • Dynamic check of stack integrity
  • Dynamic check of array validity
  • Dynamic check of pointers validity
  • Object-oriented programming mode